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US President Joe Biden tests positive for COVID-19 again in rebound: White House

US President Joe Bidson was again found infected with Covid-19 on Saturday. His strict isolation ended just three days ago, after he was free of infection with the Corona virus. A resurgence of the infection in Biden after treatment with antiviral drugs is a rare case.

White House physician Dr. Kevin O’Connor said in a letter that Biden has no symptoms this time and is feeling well. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, Biden will again remain in isolation for at least five days.

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In most cases of re-emergence, the agency said, symptoms are mild and there is no information that patients have become seriously ill during this time. The White House had reported its visit to Michigan on Tuesday, just two hours before it was announced that Biden had tested positive again. No infection was found for the US President in the Corona tests, which were conducted on Tuesday and Wednesday. After this their strict separation ended.

After recovering from Corona, Biden told Americans that Covid is not gone. Serious illness can be avoided with COVID-19 vaccine, booster doses and treatment. Besides, while expressing his gratitude to the audience, he said he should return to the Oval Office. Biden was first diagnosed with the coronavirus on July 21. However, he was performing his duties through an online medium during seclusion.

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