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Uttarakhand AAP President Deepak Bali resigns from office and party membership

Deepak Bali’s resignation: In Uttarakhand, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) once again suffered a major setback in less than a month. AAP state president Deepak Bali abruptly resigned his position and party membership on Monday night.

According to the information, Deepak Bali assumed the presidency after the resignation of ‘AAP’ by Colonel Ajay Kothial last month. In less than a month, Bali surprised everyone with such a resignation. In his resignation letter, Bali expressed his discomfort with the AAP’s methodology.

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Deepak Bali has sent his resignation to Arvind Kejriwal, the National Coordinator of the Adami Party through a letter. He has written in this letter that I feel uneasy in going forward with the work of AAP and that is why I am resigning as Chief of State of Uttarakhand for AAP and party membership. Please kindly accept my resignation.

It is worth mentioning that Colonel Kothial was the first ministerial face of ‘AAP’ in the assembly elections held just four months ago in Uttarakhand. He had contested the Gangotri Assembly seat, but lost the election to Suresh Singh Chauhan of the BJP. No ‘AAP’ account has been opened in Uttarakhand. Then, the party’s coordinator and Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal, dissolved the government unit last month and made Deepak Bali, who ran from the Kashipur assembly constituency, the state president.

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