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Varanasi Gianvapi split case Hindu lawyer Vishnu Jain accused of benefiting the Muslim side

There is a split on the Hindu side in the case of Gyanvapi Masjid Shringar Gauri in Varanasi. One of the five litigants in the case, Rakhi Singh’s uncle and president of Vishwa Vaidik Sanatan Sangh Jitendra Singh Vaishna, has accused the lawyer of the Hindu side, Vishnu Jain, of pleading with the Muslim side. On Tuesday, by filing an application in the district judge’s court, attorney Vishnu accused Jain of ending the case. Jain is said to be a member of the State Council. Despite being an advocate for the government, he fights a case against the government.

He also claimed that Vishnu Jain is an accredited member of the Center for Indian Islamic Culture. Vakalatnama was brought in this case on behalf of Vishnu Jain at the request of the Centre. It is said that the Islamic side can finish the case on the basis of Advocate Vishnu Jain. The application was filed in the district judge’s court today so that the case does not end. It was also alleged that a plot was hatched to close the case. Sonia Gandhi is said to be the patroness of India’s Center for Islamic Culture.

Vissen said I will not reveal the name of that person, but his membership number is 1289. This person has made his entire doll by Vishnu Shankar Jain. The India Center for Islamic Culture hijacked the Gianvapi case.

Vissen doubted that on May 26, 2022, attorney Vishnu Shankar Jain Vakalatnama submitted to the court under the signatures of Manju Vyas, Sita Sahu, Lakshmi Devi and Rika Pathak, the plaintiffs in the Ma Shringar Gauri case. Rakhi Singh, an important antagonist in the Shringar Gauri case, was not involved in this. Before that he had never sued Vakalatnama.

Vissen said how Vishnu Shankar Jain filed Vakalatnama against the state, while he is an advocate for the government of Uttar Pradesh in the Supreme Court. A person who defends the state cannot file a case against him. On this basis, the Islamic side will reject our claims and arguments. In this way, attorney Vishnu Shankar Jain is bent on destroying our claims by spawning a conspiracy. He has imposed Vakalatnama so that our case can be easily dismissed.

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