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Virat Kohli’s magic seen in Edgbaston’s video is becoming increasingly viral Watch the video here IND vs. ENG

The rescheduled India vs England match will be played from 1 July in Edgbaston, Birmingham. The rest of Team India players including Virat Kohli are furiously preparing for this historic test match these days. A video of Virat Kohli has been shared from Edgbaston’s official Twitter account, which shows that no matter what corner of the world, following a Virat fan never fails. In this video, Virat Kohli is seen returning with Chopman Gill after training with a heavy tool bag over his shoulder.

Upon sharing this video, it was written, “Walking with the King, my life is complete.” In this video, Virat Kohli and Chopman leave while talking and the camera is constantly followed. In the middle, Virat stops, looks at the camera and says, “What’s up?”

The last Test of the five-match Test series for 2021 between India and England had to be rescheduled due to Covid, which is scheduled to be played from 1 July. Team India leads 2-1 in that series that started in 2021. Virat Kohli was Team India captain at the time. Ferrat’s record at Edgbaston is excellent. India may have lost 31 times in the Test match held in 2018, but Virat’s racket ran hard in that match. Virat contributed 149 runs in the first rounds and 51 times in the second rounds.

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