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Waqar Yunus predicted that Pakistan could win the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Australia

Former Pakistan cricketer Waqar Yunus has made high expectations about the T20 World Cup that will be held in Australia this year. Waqar Yunus believes that the Pakistan national team has every chance of winning the 2022 T20 World Cup. Currently, Pakistan is ranked 3rd in the ICC men’s T20I rankings and the team has done well in this way last year. Last year, the team lost in the T20 World Cup semi-finals.

Waqar says the bats of Babar Azam and Muhammad Radwan will take place this year as well. Speaking to ICC Digital in Melbourne, Waqar Younis said: “We have a really good chance of doing well in this World Cup. The pitches in Australia are usually very good batting grounds and Pakistan has good batsmen, who can play really well in these conditions. .”

He added: “Babar will definitely be the dominant batsman in the standings. I think his (Babar) influence will be the same and then of course Radwan plays and bowls very well.” The attack made them one of the best in the world.” There are players like Shaheen Afridi, goalkeeper Rauf in the Pakistan bowling division, and Shadab Khan in Al Ghazaleen.

Regarding bowling, the former Pakistani legend said, “We’ve tried about six or seven speed bowlers last year and they’re all doing really well. I think Rauf and Shaheen (Afridi) keeper will be important, but let’s not forget Hassan Ali too, because he plays Bowling well. Pakistan has a very good fast bowling attack and they can combine it with Shadab and Nawaz, because they are good spinners too.”

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