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What was found in the survey of the Gianvapi Mosque so far Hindu side said our claim is getting stronger Speak Hindu side

The survey was conducted for the second day at the Gianfabe campus on Sunday morning. According to sources, after the basement, the upper structure of the mosque has now been videotaped and photographed. At the same time, based on the signs found in the survey conducted on Saturday, the Hindu side is making its claim vigorously. Hindu side lawyer Harishankar Jain said our claim is getting stronger. Harishankar said that what he gets in the poll is in his favour. The poll will also take place on Monday.

The survey was conducted today for 4 continuous hours from 8 to 12 AM. During this, surveying was again conducted within the western wall, chapel and basement. Besides, due to debris and water in a room inside the basement, it is not possible to survey, as the survey will take place for one and a half to two hours tomorrow morning.

What do you have so far
While scanning in the basement of the Gianvapi Mosque on Saturday, Trishul and Swastik marks were seen on the walls. Their design style was evaluated by the commissioner of the court and lawyers. According to the sources, everyone was stunned to see a crocodile chariot in the basement. There was also a scanning problem due to the filling of the remains of the top of the temple in the basement.

The video was filmed on the second day as well
Video scanning work of the Gianvapi Mosque complex in Varanasi district continued for the second day on Sunday amid tight security arrangements. Officials gave this information. The survey was halted last week amid objections from the mosque committee. The commission claimed that the court-appointed legal commissioner for the survey did not have the right to conduct videotaping inside the building. Varanasi Police Commissioner A Satish Ganesh, who arrived at the survey site, on Sunday said that as per the order of the supervising court, the survey process has started at the Gianvapi Mosque building for the second day as well. Committee members work inside.

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Survey of Shringar Gauri . Complex
Gyanvapi Mosque is located near the famous Kashi Vishwanath Temple. The District Court hears an appeal from a group of women requesting permission to pray daily in front of the idols on its outer walls. A court in Varanasi on Thursday rejected a petition seeking the dismissal of Commissioner Advocate (Court Commissioner) Ajay Mishra, appointed to conduct a video survey of the Gyanvapi-Shringar Gauri complex, on charges of favoritism. The court had made it clear that the video shooting would take place inside the Gianvapi Mosque as well.
Civil Court Judge (Upper Division) Dewakar, while rejecting the petition to dismiss Commissioner Advocate Mishra, appointed Vishal Singh as Special Counsel and Ajay Pratap Singh as Associate Counsel. He also instructed to submit the report by May 17 after videotaping the entire campus.

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