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WhatsApp Pay Gives Rs 105 Cashback Here How To Benefit From Limited Time Offer – Technology News

If you use WhatsApp, now there is good news for you, as WhatsApp is giving Rs 105 cashback to India users. This offer will be given to users who pay using WhatsApp Pay. This is the way of the messaging platform to attract more and more users to use WhatsApp Pay in the country. Currently, digital users in India rely on Google Pay, Phone Pe or Paytm for payment. By introducing a new cashback offer, the instant messaging platform is trying to add more Pay users.

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WhatsApp Pay gives users a total cashback of Rs 105 on their next payment. The messaging platform offers a cashback of Rs 35 for the next three payments. The interesting thing is that there is no limit to the amount. For example, users can get a cashback of Rs 35 even if they send Re 1 through WhatsApp payments. The company explains that this is a “limited time offer” and is only available to “select customers”.

How to send money using WhatsApp Pay
– Select a contact. Next to the chat box, tap on the payment option.

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– Enter the amount and note if necessary.

Then you have to add your bank account. Click “Start”.

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– Select your bank name. Next, tap Verify to verify your mobile number. Your WhatsApp number and the number registered with the bank must be the same to use the payment.

– Click Verify. After bank verification, add your bank account. Click Add option.

Then click on the Continue option.

– When linking the bank account, enter the amount in the space provided.

– Click Next. If more than one account is added, select a bank account.

Click Submit payment option and continue. You will have to confirm the UPI PIN there.

– The recipient will get the amount and 35 rupees will be credited to your bank account. As mentioned earlier, the cashback offer is currently only available to select users.

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