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When a little question is asked to Maharashtra name Eknath Shinde on Guwahati

Maharashtra CM Eknath Shinde had camped for several days in Guwahati with MLAs of his faction after the rebellion against Shiv Sena. There was a lot of mockery from Shiv Sena regarding her but now Eknath Shinde’s video with a little girl is going viral. In this video, the girl asks Aknath Shendeh about Guwahati, and everyone laughs at him. The girl who arrived at Aknet Shendah’s house on Sunday met the cabinet. During this, the girl told Eknath Shinde that when you went to Guwahati, you had helped the flood victims there.

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The girl said that if I also help the flood victims by going to the water, can I also become the prime minister? After asking this question, everyone started laughing. Prime Minister Shinde put his hand on the girl’s shoulder and said, “It will happen, it will happen.” Not only that, the girl who lives in Ratnagiri said I used to like PM Narendra Modi earlier, but now it is good to see you too.

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After that, the girl also asked Eknath Shinde. He said will you take me to visit Guwahati during the upcoming Diwali vacation?. Hearing the question, everyone present there laughed, while the Prime Minister, Eknath Shinde, couldn’t understand what he was going to say. At this, Eknath Shinde nodded with a smile.

After this, Iknath Shinde asked do you want to see the goddess in Kamakhya temple? The girl answered yes. In this regard, Iknath Shinde said you are very smart. Let us know that on June 21, Eknath Shinde rebelled against Shiv Sena and went to Surat with several MLAs. After that he left for Guwahati and stayed with the MLAs at the Radisson Blu Hotel there. While staying in Guwahati, Rs 51 lakh was also donated by the Eknath Shinde faction to deal with the flood crisis. Next, the MLAs came to Maharashtra via Goa and participated in the floor test at the rally after Eknath Shinde was sworn in as CM.

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