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When Captain Rahul Dravid did not allow Sachin Tendulkar to complete a double horn, Yuvraj Singh told the whole story.

March 29, 2004, a day that Indian cricket fans will never forget, Virender Sehwag became the first Indian player to score a triple century in Test cricket and Sachin Tendulkar returned after scoring 194 points as Rahul Dravid declared the Indian innings. Yuvraj Singh opened the roles for India in that test match. Yuvraj Singh was part of that match and after 18 years he told this whole story. Tell Yuvi if Rahul Dravid’s decision was right to stop Sachin Tendulkar from two centuries ago?

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On Sports 18’s Home of Heroes, Yuvraj Singh said, “We got a message in the middle that we must play fast and we will announce the roles.” This test is also memorable for Yuvi, because it was in it that he scored the first fifty of his test career. Captain Rahul Dravid announced the roles as soon as Yuvi was fired. India scored 675 points for five wickets. Tendulkar was not out at the time with 194 points.

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Yuvi said, ‘Tendulkar could have scored six runs in the next round and then we would have had eight to 10 times a day. I don’t think if there were two more overs, it would make a difference. If this is the third or fourth day of testing, then I can agree that putting the team first would be the right decision. It seems to me that Tendulkar should have announced the roles after 200 rounds. India won the Multan Test in rounds and 52 rounds. Yuvi also scored a century in the series’ second audition.

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