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Who is Pasmanda Muslims BJP to connect with Pasmanda Muslims on the way to 2024 Lok Sabha Surveys – India Indian News

The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Center and Uttar Pradesh (UP) has already started preparations for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. It is said that this time the BJP’s focus will also be on Muslim voters in the state. In view of this, the BJP has decided to reach out to the Muslim community through various government schemes in the state. By all schemes, the BJP wants to connect with the Basmanda Muslims. Basmanda Muslims are the most backward among the country’s largest minorities. So far, the orientation of these Muslim voters has been predominantly towards parties other than the BJP.

used before UP . board elections

This decision was taken by the UP government after the recently concluded BJP National Executive Committee meeting. At a meeting in Hyderabad earlier this month, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s message that “appeasement is not complacency” was delivered. The BJP conducted a similar small experiment ahead of the Federation Council elections of 2022. After its success, the party is now preparing to attract the Other Backward Classes (OBC), Scheduled Castes (SC) and Scheduled Tribes (ST) among the Basmanda Muslims strongly.

BJP’s new strategy could become a nuisance to the opposition, and the focus will be on Basmanda Muslims

During the Majlis elections, BJP (Organization) General Secretary Sunil Bansal put in place a special strategy to prevent Muslims from unilaterally voting for a particular party. The party leaders were tasked with winning over the members of the Muslim Basmanda community who were engaged in various types of service activities such as washing machines, barbers, butchers, and blacksmiths. Party strategists identified this group as including Malik (Tili), Moamen Ansar (a weaver), Qureshi (a butcher), al-Mansouri (Dunia), al-Idrisi (a tailor), al-Saifi (haddad), Salmani (a barber) and Hawari (a Zobi). “.

The goal is to get 10,000 community votes

One of the party leaders said, “In Western UP, the party has assigned its cadres the task of securing 10,000 community votes in each constituency. Apart from this, two Basmanda Muslims were posted in each booth. Apart from this, those members of the community who They benefited from the government’s welfare schemes. The party is getting closer. A small “Muslim Beneficiary Meeting” was also organized. The meeting was held to explain how the BJP government alone can change its fortunes. We believe that this community quietly helped the BJP in the seats where there was competition convergent.

Demanding the separation of the 8.33% share of the Basmanda Muslims

He says, “The cadre assigned us to ensure at least 20 votes from the community in each booth. I think the party got about 7 to 8 percent of the community votes. Most of those were Muslim women who dealt with the BJP because of its decision to cancel the ‘triple divorce’. Apart from this, the voting of the Pasmanda community, which benefited from various welfare schemes, was also found.

Muslims helped BJP

Javed Malik is also the President of All India Pasmanda Manch. He says: “There were about seven constituencies in West UP namely Dhampur, Nahtaur, Moradabad (city), Bijnor (Sadar), Baraut and Bilaspur, where the support of this group helped us win many seats. The margin of victory in these seats was between 200 and 700 votes.

To date, of the 34 Muslim MLAs from the UP Assembly, 30 are from the Pasmanda community. The 1965 war hero and Abdul Hamid Param Vir Chakra laureate was a Muslim Basmanda (Idrisi). Ahead of the 2024 elections in Lok Sabha, the BJP government is working on a plan to spread this Islamic icon.

BJP will focus on Abdul Hamid

The BJP leader said, “We are being targeted as anti-Muslims. But we always put the word ‘veer’ before his name when we refer to Abdul Hamid. We have always admired the late former President APJ Abdul Kalam. They also belong to the same community. Now, we will focus more on This section of society. By appointing the 33-year-old Danish Azad Ansari as Minister of State, the BJP has sent a message to the Basmanda community. The Danish Azad was appointed minister to replace Mohsen Reza, a Shiite Muslim and the current head of the government’s Hajj committee.

The BJP leader, which is part of the party’s awareness scheme among Muslims, said, “If you talk to any upper-caste Muslims, they will tell you that there is no sectarian prejudice in them. But the way Azad was appointed a minister soon later, threw some upper-caste Muslims Class insults like ‘glaha’ on social media. It shows the class division in society. The truth is that 15% of society has hijacked the voices and rights of the rest. We call it that. He came out to fix it.”

“It is a smart political move because by engaging with the most backward people, the BJP is trying to break stereotypes and find new ground. This is to create a new support base among poor Muslims,” said Manuka Khanna, a professor in the Department of Political Science at Lucknow University.

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