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Why the killing of Hindus in Kashmir won’t stop Hybrid terrorists become a challenge What will the Amit Shah deal be like – India Indian News

Removal of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir was a long-standing demand of Kashmiri Pandits. Narendra Modi’s government in the center made his dreams come true. After this political development, there was hope for the return of the Kashmiri Pandits. Many even returned home. Some were already living there. Terrorists do not like this. Perhaps that is why they constantly target innocent Hindus.

In the recent past, in the valley areas, several targeted killings have emerged. The Hindus who live there are terrified of this. Some migrated to Jammu. Some families have made the decision to move out. The biggest challenge for government and administration these days is maintaining their trust. For this, taking major action against hybrid terrorists is the only option, but it is not easy.

Fearing the killing of Hindus, Kashmiri Pandits will boycott Khair Bhavani Gallery, fund also resumed

The role of hybrid terrorists has come to the fore in most of the targeted killing incidents that have emerged in Kashmir in recent times. The police also arrested some, but it is not easy for the local administration to rein in them.

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Instructions have been given to target these people
Terrorists were instructed by Pakistan to target soft targets including minorities, civilians, off-duty policemen, members of panchayats and pro-India people, because they failed to attack the security installations. Intelligence sources say that the terrorists, mostly Pakistanis operating in Kashmir, have been tasked with changing the modus operandi of terrorist activities in Jammu and Kashmir.

“Things are worse than they were in 1990,” the workers feared the massacre of Hindus; Intensification of migration from the Kashmir Valley

Why did the terrorists change the way?
There has been a change in the terrorists’ modus operandi after their failure to target security installations. They now use pistols to carry out killings and mingle with the crowd to easily conceal small arms. Small arms like pistols are easy for the terrorists to carry and after attacking the target these terrorists easily mix with the crowd which helps them to escape from the control of the army.

Terrorists shoot two non-Kashmiri civilians in Budgam, one of whom is killed

Pakistani terrorists are hunting local youth
Pakistani terrorists target emotional youth with the help of local terrorists, lure them with terror, allocate them a gun to kill a defenseless man who might be loyal to India.

A serious challenge to the security forces
Since the last 4 months, terrorists with guns and mixed terrorists carrying out targeted hit and run killing operations in Kashmir Valley has been an emerging challenge to the security forces. Terrorists have changed their strategy by targeting with small arms and targeting civilians.

Before Amarnath Yatra, mixed terrorists in Kashmir raise the concerns of the security forces and know how they work

According to the security forces, most of the hybrid terrorists do not have a police record and are difficult to identify. However, the security forces are also prepared. Dozens of hybrid terrorist units and their whereabouts have been seized. So far, about 130 pistols have been discovered. Let us tell you that today the Federal Home Minister Amit Shah called for a high level meeting for this purpose.

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