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Wife raped by Hyderabad police officer during investigation htgp – India Hindi News

A case has been revealed from Hyderabad, Telangana where a police officer raped a woman. This woman was the wife of a defendant in a case registered with the police department. Not only that, after the rape, the police officer is accused of kidnapping the woman and her husband. After this whole thing was revealed, this cop got suspended.

In fact, this incident is from Maridpali Police Station in Hyderabad. According to a report by the news agency, a woman claimed that in the FIR case filed against her husband in 2018, District Inspector Nagswara Rao was investigating the matter. Regarding the investigation of the same case, on July 7, the inspector broke into the woman’s home and raped her.

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It is also alleged that Ngeshwar Rao kidnapped the woman and her husband by showing them pistols. The woman also told that Njeshwar Rao also hit her husband. After that, he also threatened him that if he told family members about the matter, he would file a false lawsuit.

After the matter emerged, the police sent the victim for a medical examination for the time being. Taking action in this matter, Hyderabad Police Commissioner CV Anand has suspended the police officer from duty pending a detailed investigation and investigation. Meanwhile, the accused police officer escapes. Police formed special teams to arrest Nagswara Rao.

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