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Will the Pakistani army be called in to stop Imran Khan as Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif said he wants to start a civil war – International News – Will the Pakistani army be called in to stop Imran Khan? The Prime Minister said

Pakistani Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has claimed that PTI President Imran Khan wants civil war in the country. Sharif warned that the country would not allow his “nefarious schemes” to succeed. “Imran Niazi wants to start a civil war in the country. But they have a misunderstanding. Their country,” Shahbaz Sharif said in response to a question on Sunday. [पाप के लिए] He will never forgive.”

Pakistan’s opposition PTI party is reported to start a long march in the capital Islamabad on May 25. It seems that the current Pakistani Prime Minister is very upset about this. When asked if the government will call on the army to stop Imran Khan’s long march? On this question, the restive Pakistani Prime Minister replied that a decision would be taken if necessary.

The Pakistani minister does not trust Imran

Speaking on the same issue in Bahawalpur on Sunday, Home Minister Rana Sanaullah said the government and its allies would decide whether the agency’s “Long March” movement should be allowed into Islamabad. “If the coalition takes any action, we will not even allow the protesters to leave their homes,” he told the media. When the PTI leadership was said to have promised to remain peaceful, Minister Rana Sanaullah said he did not trust Imran Khan as he has a history of “lying and going around”.

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Imran Khan’s career will end if he goes to prison

“Given the past record of PTI and its workers, I fear that they will come to Islamabad with the intention of creating chaos,” he said. The minister said that he personally wanted Imran Khan to be held for three days in the same cell where he (the same minister) was imprisoned for months in a drug smuggling case. “If he stays behind bars for three days, his (Imran Khan) policy will be erased,” he said.

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