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yashwant sinha congratulates and digs to drupadi murmu mamata banerjee also tweets – India Hindi News

NDA candidate Drupadi Murmo won the presidential election by a large margin. In contrast, opposition joint candidate Yashwant Sinha received fewer votes than expected. The BJP claims that around 17 MPs have also taken the cross-vote. It’s also shown in the results. However, Yashwant accepted his defeat and did not delay in congratulating Draupadi Murmu. He also stressed his sarcasm with congratulations.

Yashwant Sinha said, I congratulate Mrs. Drupadi Murmi ji on her victory in the 2022 presidential election. I hope the people of India can in fact expect that as the 15th President of India, he should act as guardian of the constitution without any “fear” or favour. I send my best wishes to the people of the country.

Whatever the results, Yashwant said, however, I believe this has brought two benefits to Indian democracy. First, most of the opposition parties came on one platform. This is really the need of the hour. I call on the leaders of the opposition to maintain and strengthen unity even after the presidential elections. This should be evident in the vice presidential election. He said that the second advantage is to present the opinions and concerns of the opposition parties to the state and the general public.

These five records were set once Draupadi Murmu, the youngest president, won

The central government also targeted

Sinha also attacked the BJP government and said the agencies are also being misused to cause defections and bring down the governments run by opposition parties. The people of India have never seen such corruption in politics before. Toxic, polarizing politics have become a serious threat to democracy and societal harmony in India.

Mama Banerjee also congratulated in a different way
West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee also congratulated Drupadi Murmo in a different way. “I congratulate the newly elected President Honorable Draupadi Murmo. As the head of the nation, the nation looks up to you and upholds the ideals of the constitution and you are the guardian of democracy. Especially when the country is embroiled in many kinds of strife.

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