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Yes, the Indian Foreign Service has changed, it is called Defending the National Interest: EAM S Jaishankar’s Response to Rahul Gandhi

On Saturday, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar launched a vehement attack on Rahul Gandhi for his remarks about the Indian Foreign Ministry quoting anonymous European bureaucrats. Gandhi had referred to the statements of some European bureaucrats that the Indian foreign service had changed and had become arrogant.

In response to the Congress leader’s remarks, Jaishankar tweeted that the change in the Indian Foreign Service is a reflection of confidence. The External Affairs Minister said, Yes, the Indian Foreign Service has changed. They are following government orders. They oppose the arguments of others. Jaishankar said: ‘It cannot be called arrogance. This is confidence. This is called protecting the national interest.

At the Ideas for India conference in London, Gandhi criticized the BJP-led government at the center on various issues and claimed that institutions are being attacked and “taken over” by powerful people, agencies in India.

Gandhi also criticized the Indian Foreign Service during the dialogue session. Gandhi said, “I have talked to some bureaucrats in Europe, they have been saying that the Indian Foreign Service has completely changed, and they are not listening. They are arrogant … they do not communicate.

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